Bonaire – WSNP tour

For guided tour or birding tour on the Island of Bonaire connect with Elsmarie Beukenboom on facebook or call +599 786 60 16 – Either in English or Dutch or Spanisch

She guided me and my camera through Washington Slagbaai National Park the big tour


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Lighthouses and historic buildings – stunning landscapes and interesting geological formations – dunes and salt pans and white sandy beaches Opportunities for snorkeling and diving , bike and hike trail and bird watching tower  One way roads are accessible by high ground or 4×4 vehicle at max 25km/h speed This natural sanctuary of 14.000acres is a safe habitat for parrots flamingos parakeets iguanas and many other species The beaches are nesting grounds for endangered sea turtles

The caracara was gathering nesting material We found him nesting in a cactus tree The brown boogie was hunting his pray so we did not get a closer look  The pelicans had little ones and the snowy egrets were nesting on the border of the lake  We even spotted a cormorant on the lake

In the forest we had picnic with iguanas It was a challenge letting them come so close  We had a day full of “Whow ’s “so big  thank you Elsmarie for sharing all your knowledge Loved having your company on this trip

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