Bonaire guided forest walk on the Seru Largo hill

Bonaire guided forest walk on the Seru Largo hillIMG_3007

A one hour guided tour with Elsmarie Beukenboom who explained al there is to know about the history of the present vegetation and trees on this hill


We contributed to nature by planting some kadushi cacti. These plants are very useful as they produce fruit in the dry season for all kind of animals Every little plant helps as deforestation at this hill went on in the past generations the present generation has to take good care of this area



Worthwhile this nature walk and very inspiring. The trail is not only used by mountain bikers but also by tourist guides and dedicated locals with a passion for nature

I was glad to help to contribute. Thank you Elsmarie for this opportunity.

I will not hesitate to recommend you as nature guide on Bonaire

From the hill top we had a hazy view on Klein Bonaire


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