Réhahn the famous photographer who lives in Hoi An – Vietnam

IMG_7328Remember in my first blogpage i told the reason for me traveling Vietnam was mainly to try and meet my idol the photographer Réhahn.

To my big surprise I had the chance to meet him in his museum in Hoi An . Although he is very busy as a new exhibition is about to start in the Fine Art Museum in Danang –

Update: https://www.facebook.com/events/130928764131492/?ti=icl

his new Gallery opens in Saigon and another one along the river in Hoi An and a third one at the museum of Etnology in Hanoi -plus his third book will be published next month



As expected Mr. Réhahn is very sympathetic and welcomed me to visit his museum where his fameus photographs are displayed together with the belongings and clothing of the different tribes he visited sofar. He signed my book and picture I bought and we parted after taking a photograph.

If you come to Vietnam make sure to visit If you don’t you can follow on social media. I am sure you already saw one of his pictures in the Press.

Mr Réhahn ranked 5th as best travel photographer in the world in 2016 and it would not surprise me to see more stunning pics in the near future as more visits are planned to other tribes. Keep up the good work Réhahn We love you!



I am over the moon that I was able to meet him in person and would like to share to you more info about Réhahn.







Here Réhahn with Mrs. Xong who is on the cover of his book and whose picture is in Hanoi in the museum.

I met with the dear Mrs. Xong on her little yellow boat She is such a darling and very agile for her age ( 79th birthday 4th of May )

I especially admire Mr. Réhahn for the way he interacts with the people who’s pictures he takes.

Just Google Réhahn and Vietnam and you will find him and adore him like I do.

Thank you Mr. Réhahn for the warm welcome and for making my trip to Vietnam worthwile! IMG_7325

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