Silk making- Vietnam – May 9 th 2017

We learned about the making of silk not only by listening and assisting to the making process but by hands on experience what made this trip to be an overal success. We teamed up with 2 Malaysian ladies and a Texan couple and had a very pleasant morning. The included lunch menu was adapted to our wishes and was very delicious. We also had the opportunity to learn about the cham people and their traditional weaving . A native Cham lady showed us the making of very complicated traditional patterns. We gave it a go ourselves and found out it was very difficult to do. Lots of respect to the people in the traditional weaving business. Thanks to Mrs. Lien for taking such good care of our group . We were very satisfied with the tour .

Lets take a look at this mornings pictures

One Comment

  1. Cindy Petri

    Thank you Martine to you and your husband for your travel blog and beautiful pictures!! It was a nice surprise to see ourselves in your pictures at the Silk Village. It was so very nice meeting you both and sharing that experience with you. Through your blog with your great descriptions, we are seeing places that we would like to go back to visit someday. Maybe someday we will make a trip to see your Belgium.
    Best Regards,
    Cindy and Pete Petri from South Texas


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