Hué former imperial city on the perfume river- Central Vietnam

We booked a cultural excursion with a very well informed guide Mr.Lam to visit the city of Hué

Not only the tombes of the Nguyen emperors but also the imperial city 520 ha with the citadel the tower of the 5 Phoenixes The Thai Hoa palace and the forbidden purple city where only the emperor and his concubines could reside are a must see in Hué Also the Thien- Mu pagoda dated 1610 with the bell in bronze 2mhigh weighing 2000kgs and range of 15km are very impressive.

The tombe we visited was the emperor Khai Dinh’s tombe 2nd emperor of the Nguyen dynasty with an architectural mixture of French Chinese and Vietnamese styles. It looks more like a French castle On the inside many colourfull mosaics made from thousands of ceramic and glass pieces . Above his tombe a replica of himself pure golden The whole construction took from 1922-to1931 to complete

Lets have a look st the pictures starting with the lovely view of the marble mountain and the Hai Van pass on our way to DaNang where we even shot some wedding pictures . from Hoi An to Hué it took us 3 hours but we do not regret taking the Hai Van pass instead of the tunnel .

The pagoda

The tombe- castle of the emperor

The Budhist temple from which the monk Thich Quang Duc left for Saigon in 1963 to suicide himself to protest against Budhist being persecuted- remember the monument in Saigon now Ho Chi Minh Front page news on all newspapers worldwide that day

His car is still kept in the monastery as a relic

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