Cycling in Vietnam with heaven & earth bicycle tours

May 7 and 34 degrees celsius on the thermometer and we start a 23 km rural cycling tour. My mom would say ‘goed zot’ meaning poco loco but still we went a UK lady called Christine and me and our guide miss Ouyên (wing) but we called her ,power,

The journey started 8o clock on the dot and commenced with a boat ride for 45 minutes to get us to our starting point Nice trip as on the way we saw fishermen setting their nets for the next catch and ladies fishing clams near the river bank

The cycle tour took us to rice feelds -harvest time is now , prawn farms – always busy, basket weaving and carpet weaving, the making of rice noodles , carving of wood with inlay with mother of pearl , harvesting sesame seeds….

We also had to learn how to make a woven basket (boat) move forward as if you do not know how it will only turn in rounds

We could have crashed several wedding parties as month of May is wedding month and we encountered about a dozen of them All with uncles and aunties wanting to have their pictures taken and inviting us for the party but we politely declined

For lunch we had chicken with rice and morning glory prepared by a local family We ate in the garden in the shade as by then the heath of the sun was pretty intense

A tour to book for sure as Miss Power speaks good English was energetic and attended to our every need The rural tour makes you have contact with the locals and shows you life in the small villages on the Islands The crossing of the many bridges was not scary at all and gave us pretty pictures  Tip: make sure you had breakfast as it takes 5 hours before you get lunch – wear a hat and put suntan on Water is provided the whole tour

Thank you miss Ouyên and Christine for this lovely day.    Now lets

have a look at the pics

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