My  Son – Vietnam

Today we – two Californian girls and me – visited the ruins of the tempels of the Cham people Some were well preserved and some destroyed by the bombing by the Americans in the sixties

Since 1999 it is considered to be one of the world heretage sites With money coming from India and Germany for restoring and keeping the place open for tourist It is estimated that 200.000 Cham people still live in the area either in Vietnam or Cambodja and mingled with the Vietnamese

Our guide from Hoi An express Mr Lam told us a moving story about a prinses and kingdoms from the north and the south it was a Romeo and Juliette tail that did not end too well but the love lasted…

We first assisted to a Cham dance and music performance to get us into the Cham mood

On the site itself Mr Lam explained the buildings were actually tempels towers and houses The statues and decorations from different centuries all represent elements from the Hindu religion The wrintings in Sanskrit The bird Garuda the elephant Ganesha The god Shiva

It was an interesting visit with full explanation about its history We loved it very much Thank you Mr Lam and thank you ladies for your company and interesting conversation on various topics on our way back

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