Mekong Delta Speedboat trip ‘ les rives’- tripadvisor- 

We had a super speedboat day on the river and the canals of the Delta

Food was great We were well taken care of by the 2 crew members and guide and assistent They cared for our every need

The guide she spoke fluent English and had a lot to share Very professional with a twist of humour It was just superb It was a very hot day but the speed of the boat puts the wind in your hair It was a plus that on every drop off we could leave personal stuff on the boat The toilet ocasions were clean and sufficient through out the day We did not have a care in the world so we could enjoy this trip a 100%

The stops were very well chosen and the people we met were very friendly

It was a great experience You did not see Saigon if you did not do this tour as there is more to Saigon than markets museums and skylines

Today we saw what life is like for the people who live on the river and the ones just outside of the city What a contrast between districts

We visited a local market an orphenage a monastery and the one eyed temple along the way

We saw the big pyton snake We saw life fish on the market We saw hatching of ducklings and we tasted varies exotic fruits and home made drinks We learned a lot today and even made friends Uncle Tim from down under some of these pics are for you -:)


  1. salm vincent

    Dear Martine,

    Thank you for your nice pics and comments,Hang is a wonderful tour guide – i will really appreciate if you can contact me about this tour with les Rives Authentic River Experience.

    Kind regards,
    Vincent from Les rives


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